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Lit Hub, September 21, 2023

“What do you think about?” I once asked her. “Trying to fill the time with something purposeful until it stops,” she said. “Some days I look at the leaves shimmering in the sunlight or listen to the wind. Other days, I pick at my nails or tell myself long stories like Scheherazade.”

Writer's Digest

"How Poetry Can Animate Narrative Non-Fiction" (September 18, 20203)

In the end, we all want our readers to stay, to hear the story we are telling, and to come away feeling something.

The Emancipator

The Emancipator

"The Black Angels Who Helped Cure Tuberculosis"

In the 1920s, Black nurses could only work in Black hospitals. America had approximately 260 Black hospitals compared to over 6,000 White ones

Infectious Disease Society of America


"The hidden story of the Black nurses in the fight against TB and the search for a cure" (Sept. 15, 2023)

"On a gray day in August 2015, while working as a developmental editor for Springer, I was making my way through a book on rare lung diseases. In the middle of a chapter on a prospective new drug, I read 13 words that became the gateway to an extraordinary hidden history..."

Trained by the U.S. military in the art of mentalist warfare, a clandestine intelligence agent travels the world and unlocks state secrets, all without leaving his desk chair.

The Guardian

Akeal Christopher was shot and killed three years ago in Brooklyn. Now his mother is calling for a return to the controversial police practice: "They took away stop and frisk and left us with nothing but streets full of guns."


Dame Magazine

In the two years since the massacre at Sandy Hook, there have been over 85 school shootings. And our gun-control laws are only getting looser

In New York’s sultry summer of ’77, a whiskey-swilling old man befriends three latchkey kids with cartons of ice cream and haunting stories they’ll never forget.


Meet Lyla Black, America’s Youngest Jewish Toymaker


Manhattan was once a wonderland for lovers of literature. What happened?



A self-taught special effects guru, A.S. Hamilton has crafted everything from severed heads to exploded organs with chilling perfection. But his greatest big-screen challenge was bringing one of human history’s most gruesome chapters back to life